World Glaucoma Week 2012


World Glaucoma Week 2012

This annual day of awareness organized by the World Glaucoma Association and the World Glaucoma Patients' Association usually takes place on March 12 of every year. But for 2012, in the effort to expand the impact and to maximize the awareness of the public, this has been extended to a World Glaucoma Week!

Glaucoma is a potentially devastating group of eye diseases which is characterized by raised pressure inside the eye causing damage to the optic nerve. It is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide and has been known to be the "Silent Thief of Sight" because the symptoms are slow to present and many affected individuals do not know of the severity of their disease until it is too late.

The main problem which faces the eye care professionals is a lack of education and knowledge about this blinding condition. It is down to admirable efforts of NGOs and government bodies alike to work towards educating the general public about glaucoma.

In my small effort to do the same, I shall be posting articles about the different aspects of glaucoma in this blog and hopefully improve the quality of information which is out there.

A unique music video by the Yvonne Nelson Foundation below.