Bladeless Lasik


At Lee Centre, we had acquired the World's FASTEST laser suite for refractive surgery in 2011. Current the ONLY unit in Malaysia, it is a fully integrated system which alows seamless connectivity between the diagnostic machines and lasers, therefore, minimizing errors and improving safety.


LEC’s refractive surgery centre is located on the 2nd floor and comprises of a standalone LASIK screening centre and operating suite.


What is Wavefront Bladeless LASIK?


Lasik involves the creation of a "flap" of corneal tissue which is lifted up and subsequently an excimer laser is used to reshape the cornea. Traditionally, this flap is created with a microkeratome blade but in our centre, we provide the latest "bladeless" technology to create the flap using a femtosecond laser. This laser can create a very precise, customizable and predicate flap which greatly improves safety and allows faster recovery.


What is Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA)?


This method differs from LASIK in that no prior corneal flap is created in the produre. After simple removal of the corneal epithelium, the excimer laser is applied onto the cornea to correct the refrative error.

Advanced surface ablation is mainly used in patients who have significantly high refrative errors in whom there may not be adequate corneal tissue to create a flap. The end results of this method are just as satisfactory compared to LASIK.

However, the time required for optimal visual clarity may be longer as time is required for the surface of the cornea to recover.


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Bladeless LASIK - the LEC experience