The Asia Pacific association of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (APACRS) oversees the cataract and refractive needs of more than half the world's population and it serves as a forum for the dissemination and promotion of advances in the field of cataract and refactive surgery. APACRS holds its annual congress in association with regional organizations in the Asia-Pacific region and this year, in conjuction with the Malaysian Society of Ophtalmology, the meeting had taken place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 5th to 8th August 2015.

Organizing Committee

As the Chairman of the Organizing Committe. Dato'Dr.Y.C.Lee had formed a capable team of Malaysian eye specialists to help bring this meeting to fruitiion.

Dato'dr Y.C.Lee was one of founding members of this society which was formed in 1987. He had srved as Honorary Secretary as well as Tresurer numerous times society. As one of the pioneers of Malaysian ophthalmology, he has also contributed significantly to the education of eye specialists in the Asia Pacific region through the APACRS over the years.


Live Surgery Session of the APACRS 2015
by Dr. Lee Mun Wai


Dr. Lee Mun Wai has been actively involved with the APACRS in recent years andhas been a Course Instructor for the society since 2012. He had also performed live surgical demonstration of the latest techniques and cutting edge technology at the congress in 2014 and had also done the same at this year's meeting.